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Brazilian Infrastructure

Sabesp, which is Brazil’s largest water and wastewater company, lists the following as priority focus areas for the sector:

  • climate change

  • new technologies for water treatment

  • smart water grid

  • water loss detection and reduction

  • fraud detection and combat

  • intelligent water measurement and loss reduction

  • new technologies for wastewater treatment

  • industrial and urban reuse, wastewater system control and measurement

  • wastewater odor control

  • circular economy and automation

Focus Areas

According to the Brazilian Association of Private Water Companies (Abcon Sindcon), Brazil will need a total of $178.6 billion in investments to universalize water and wastewater services by 2033 – mostly in the civil construction industry, followed by network infrastructure, equipment and machinery, and others. These investments will increase the country’s GDP by $280 billion in twelve years and represent an expansion of 2.7% of GDP by 2033.


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